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The path is more important than final destination...

Thierry Geschals, coaching émotionnel

Let's get acquainted...

Passionate about psychology, philosophy and fine observer of human nature since always, it is particularly the emotional and relational state of the individual that fascinates me. Passionate essayist and skipper, I undertook a family Atlantic crossing on a sailboat in order to give meaning to a daily routine that had become routine. This adventure has transformed itself into an inner journey, enabling me to discover that it is possible to understand one's emotions, fears, doubts, conflicts, traumas, moods, and to simply overcome them.


I refuse dogmas, labels and images, because these divide and do not allow one to better understand what one is: this amalgam of memories and wounds accumulated over time. What interests me above all is to dig into the depths of human nature, with all its contradictions, its conflicts and its illusions.

Specialist in emotional and relational disorders, I accompany the individual overcome everything that keeps him prisoner, of himself. It is by identifying the psychological mechanisms of disorders that we solve a large part of our problems, immediately, whether they are psychological, relational or physical. One of the keys is to observe without condemning, justifying, or running away from it. The subjects are complex, but they can be tackled simply. No do not need a progressive analysis over time, for it is total attention to the different emotional movements that permeates understanding..


And understanding that it is the observation that liberates changes one's life.

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