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from method to


which alone allows a holistic approach.

Thierry Geschals,
tableau des émotions

direct perception

It is thanks to a careful observation of behaviors that a fine psychological reading grid has been developed to build the different programs offered. Emotional coaching works as a revealer of consciousness, like a cartography that acts like a compass in an ocean without landmarks. It helps to better understand the nature of conflicts. It is the attentive observation of the ego which makes it possible to free oneself from the limitations linked to the emotions and to the various conditionings.



Certifications only exist to sell methods and systems. The latter imprison and contribute to fragmenting a little more the spirits in search of reassurance. The method implies an authority to which one must submit. This form of obedience is limited. It causes resistance and tension. But what interests us is global understanding. It is only possible through attention and listening, because from attention arises perception which simultaneously engenders just and virtuous action.

Thierry Geschals,
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