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Thierry Geschals,

What are emotions ?

An emotion is a temporary affective reaction of more or less strong intensity. It occurs in response to a triggering event. We can note 7 fundamental emotions: pleasure, joy, anger, fear, sadness, surprise, disgust.


In everyday life, we feel emotions all the time, pleasant or not. They are found in various situations: when we are alone, or in relation to others. Emotion is legitimate, it translates a feeling and has a useful function. It is neither positive nor negative.

We find :

Pleasure, which is related to the satisfaction of a desire. It increases the feeling of satisfaction, motivation and self-confidence.

Joy, which is not the result of wish fulfillment, but a deeper, unconditioned bliss.

Anger, which is a protective reaction to injustice, frustration etc.

Fear, which is a reaction of thought, after or before danger.

Sadness, which comes from loss, disappointment and powerlessness to change the state of affairs.

Surprise, which is born of the unexpected and the suddenness. It is brief and disappears quickly.

Disgust, which is a rejection, a physical or psychological aversion.


Emotions act as a source of energy in personal achievement. However, they can also be harmful and devastating, causing incapacity to act. They are then paralyzing and contaminate our relational state. On the one hand they stimulate and move forward, on the other they block and make life miserable.


It is therefore necessary to understand the psychological mechanisms at work in the genesis of the emotion and the intensity that we wish to attribute to it. Because the management of emotions is the key to a fulfilling life, or a miserable one.

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