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The accompaniements


It is essential to understand the psychological mechanisms at work to be able to claim any cure. For this, the support offered consists of observing the state of tension linked to fears, and putting order on the emotional level, as well as in the various interactions. It is by drawing up an accurate observation that one can free oneself from emotional tensions, and from the suffering they cause for oneself and for others. offers you the benefit of a free emotional assessment in the form of an exchange before you commit. You then have 6 types of support, so that you can get to the bottom of the subjects that concern you and rediscover the joy of living on a daily basis.

the approach

Each accompaniment includes a certain number of sessions. Specially studied, they can best meet your expectations. Each program is unique, and has been developed to fully understand the complexity of each situation, each more specific than the next. Thus, emotional coaching makes it possible to become aware of blockages and to act accordingly, immediately.

the themes


TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS: How to get rid of them?

If there is a recurring topic that has settled in almost all chat rooms, it is that of the narcissistic pervert and the toxic person. This socio-pathological phenomenon is accentuated by a consumerist era centered on its navel, its disorder, its incessant quest for sensations, and its need for identifications.


A narcissistic pervert is difficult to detect at first sight. That is all its strength. It easily slips under the radar. The victim of a manipulator understands the extent of his influence when he is already too settled. He has an inflated ego and a high opinion of himself. He generally presents himself as a victim and willingly criticizes those around him. We perceive that there is a big gap between what he says he is and what he really is. He needs attention and knows how to charm his prey very well. Of course, he has a reputation that precedes him and excessively criticizes his past relationships, for good reason, the damage caused is legion. His cruel lack of empathy makes him a totally selfish and self-centered being. He feels superior and has no moral principles. He takes pleasure in hurting, delights in his perversity.


Emotional coaching makes it possible to find this emotional balance which does not depend on any influence and which is therefore "psychologically autonomous". Then no more toxic influence can influence us.


Emotional dependence designates a state of psychological inability to live by and for oneself, and causing great inner suffering. It is characterized by lack of confidence, doubt, harsh self-judgment, and guilt. The emotional dependent suffers from this lack of confidence in all areas of his life, and especially in the area of ​​love. He tends to step aside in front of his partner. Constantly seeking his partner's approval, Est suffers from a morbid fear of abandonment, which has the effect of weighing heavily on his relationships in general.


In friendship, this translates into unhealthy jealousy and an existential need for exclusivity and recognition. It then becomes impossible to achieve a healthy and stable relationship under these conditions: the dependent will always be dissatisfied and psychologically in a permanent state of tension, without inner rest. We recognize an emotional dependent by a fear of abandonment, exacerbated jealousy, chronic dissatisfaction, an inability to make decisions alone. But also a lack of self-esteem, anxiety that leads to a depressive state, as well as compulsive behavior.


The causes are multiple, although the trauma related to a feeling of abandonment and emotional shock in childhood is the first of the causes. The affectively dependent individual is very often of a hypersensitive nature and seems to affect women much more than men.


You can get out of this state permanently without necessarily going through a psychoanalysis… Emotional coaching allows you to perceive the nature of a disorder in the moment and to free yourself from it in order to find the right emotional balance.

HYPERSENSITIVITY, how to manage your emotions?

In these times of increasing complexity and hyper-fragmentation, of excessive medicalization and more generally of the creation of a sick society, the subjects that revolve around "hypersensitivity", "HPI" and "gifted", "bipolar", "borderline personality disorder", "hyper emotional", "hyper emphatic etc.. deserve a little attention, because it is appropriate to put a little d order in the common places.


Hypersensitivity is a term misused. The description is not the thing described. It is rather a question of hyper "reactivity", which is the fact of having to react strongly to everything by approval or disapproval: that is to say in uncontrolled emotivity. No disease in there, contrary to what the medical castes say...


Understanding the process of thought and its multiple reactions allows you to free yourself from the tyranny of emotions and find the right emotional balance, sustainably.

DEPRESSION, burnout and the search for meaning...

Health and fulfillment are not the result of professional adaptation. Living a fulfilling existence, in which order and virtue reign, free from conflicts and fears, cannot be reduced to the traditional pattern of professional success. We need to take a step back and have a global view of our existence. Healthy living means doing what you say, without compromising yourself. Otherwise we live in contradictions.


For this, it is important to understand the psychological mechanisms in action, identify the fears and understand this need to constantly run after power, ambition and psychological security.


Observing what ambition is, the conflicting nature of our relationships and the need to dominate through inherent violence are the first steps towards intelligence. It is only when everything is in order that the right action is possible, that the evidence prevails, and that life becomes a playground again where joy and benevolence dictate what we must do.

couple, sex: how to find harmony?

The life of a couple can be complex, because there are so many things to take into account to find harmony. We sometimes get lost in an ambitious personal quest, thus struggling to be attentive to the relationship with others. Sexuality often pays the price. It becomes mechanical, without real pleasure, emptied of its substance which is love. The emotional state plays an important role in the balance of the couple.


We give far too much importance to sexuality. We have made it a huge subject, and we are struggling to approach the sexual act simply, healthily. The reason is simple, we are stuffed with images and we have identified with them. This identification generates desire, pleasure but also fear, frustration, disappointment and suffering.


It is imperative to understand how the images we have of ourselves, judgment and guilt generate biased relationships to the body and to the other. Understanding its representations allows you to better live your relationship as a couple and find fulfillment in love.

compulsions: how to get rid of them?

If there is a subject that never gets exhausted, it is that of finding your right weight in order to feel good in your body and in your mind. This is an important subject because its mismanagement leads to all kinds of disorders: bulimia, anorexia, hyperphagia, compulsions, etc. Eating disorders have a common denominator: a relationship with food disturbed by a certain image that we of self, the search for psychological safety, shame, anger, judgment and guilt, all linked to a stressed emotional state.


Whatever the nature of the diet, weight regulation is generally the result of good emotional and more generally psychological balance. The body and the mind are inseparable. Nutrition then becomes a minor subject, if indeed we have not already completely succumbed to junk food in our daily diet.


We also say that diets, sports, fasting, food supplements, slimming treatment sessions, etc. bring only few results, because the causes of the physical disorder are not addressed at the source. What are the causes ? That's what we'll find out together...


However, it is possible to find the emotional balance that allows you to find the right weight, permanently.

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